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I received the pattern, Dandelion Wishes, today.   What a delight.    Beautiful pattern, beautiful packaging,  a delight in every way.  I can’t wait to get to work.
Pat...............from Florida         March, 2021
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My package arrived today and as always I get so excited! I would have waited until Valentine's Day to open it, but I wanted to use that pink bundle right away! Love the mug and goodies inside! Thank you Trudy. You always go above and beyond and are so appreciated! 
Susan..................From Washington        February, 2021
Hi Trudy,
I wanted to let you know that my package from Nutmeg Hare arrived! Thank you for the beautiful packaging of my items. I really love your patterns and look forward to working on them. Sewing is such a wonderful way to let go of stress so thank you again for the great items.
             CHERI ............................from Oregon.          January, 2020
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I've never received such a wonderfully wrapped order. I absolutely loved the way it was presented. I hated to unwrap it. I showed a friend today and she loved it too. Even the hand written note on the back of the business card was unbelievable. Personal touches like that keep a customer returning. 
We both do small craft shows a couple times a year. We both work full time, so we don't get as much time as we'd like to sit and stitch. That's how we spent our Black Friday, stitching. You've inspired me to go the extra step when wrapping the items we sell at these shows. 
We'll both be ordering again after the holidays. 
Thank you again for making me feel special. 
Jill ................... from Ohio,       November, 2019

...A continuation of more thoughtful notes from the wool and stitching friends of Nutmeg Hare...


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I received the package of charm packs and wool yesterday.  I just had  to write to say how pleased I was with your care of packaging.  It was like opening a birthday present.  I very much appreciated your special little touches.  I have a friend that had asked me about a place to order the small pieces of wool. I will definitely recommend your shop to her.  She also will like your special packaging.

Barbara............from  Pennsylvania            July, 2015

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Hi Trudy,

I received my order a couple of days ago. I was delighted by the care and customer service that poured out and surrounded me when I opened the package.

Your artistic packaging, presentation, and beautiful hand scripted note was an absolute surprise.  I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.

Thank you so much for the extra personal touch, and I wish you high success and joy in your the business's name and logo and tags.  So charming and unique!
Many thanks again,

Cindy..........from Oklahoma                 July. 2015


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Oh what a treat to receive my package this week. Thank you for taking the time to make it so special!  I so enjoyed your little note. For me too, stitching is calming and can make the stress of the day just roll away. Thank you again! 

Linda...................from Washington                  August, 2015


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Hi Trudy, 

My Dandelion Rabbit arrived yesterday only two days after it was shipped.  That was a surprise!!!  The lovely wrapping and ties were a real treat and I’ll share most of it with my wool group on Tuesday.  The details you put into your packages reflect your love of stitching and your wish to share this with others.  So happy I found you and can share your web site with others.
Thanks for all you do!

Sue...........from Arizona                        September, 2015


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Hi Trudy -

I received my package two days ago.  Everything is packed so neatly and beautifully like another of your customers said.  I almost didn't want to disturb its contents but I wanted to feel the wool.  Heavenly!  Now I can hardly wait for my wool class!  It's coming up.  I'll update you on how it goes.  I can already feel that my pattern will be one of the prettiest!

Carolyn.....................from California          Ocober, 2016


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Hi Trudy:
I received my order yesterday and it was just what I wanted.  Just wanted to say thank you for the extra care you took in sending me my order.  It was such a joy to open my prize!!!!.  

Debbie............from Texas         November, 2015


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Just got my threads.  Thank you so much for the wonderful little note.  I was so impressed with all your labor into making my shipment so beautiful.  I hated on pulling it apart.  Thank you again!


Cindy..........from California     November, 2015


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 The personal detail concerning my order has astounded me. The personalized e mail, the packaging, the star hole punch in the tags, the button sewn through the wool pieces holding them together, the hand written note on your business card. You can always tell when someone loves what they are doing, because it shows in everything they touch.  Thank you for the brightest spot in my week.  Your woolen goods are AMAZING!  Can't wait to show all my needle friends.

LeeAnn..........from Utah      February, 2016


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Hi Trudy,
Thank you so much for such a beautiful package. I only started working with wool last October and I am enjoying it very much. Your wool is beautiful and a pleasure to work with! Though I must admit, the way the wool is presented that I have a hard time taking apart to use it!
Looking forward to ordering from you again.


Denise.........from South Carolina        March, 2016


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The package  arrived Thursday. The presentation  of the package was lovely and of course the wool is beautiful. I can't tell you how pleased I am and will certainly feel comfortable ordering again in the future. Thank you soooooooo much.


Rochelle.......from Kansas       March, 2016








Am doing a “Happy Dance” with the wonderful colors/package -


that I rec’d today !!


 We ship World Wide – and must give you A+++ for your 


your service, personal touch to your package and your


shipping attention to care and detailing.   


 It’s wonderful to see this – and it will bring folks back time and time


again – because of these details !


 Can’t wait to fold the colors into my project -


Thank you for your personal note – meant a lot to me -
Jan .............from Washington        July, 2016
I received my wool today and I am very happy. It's beautiful, and I love the way you packaged it. Thank you and I will share your website with my quilting friends!
Judy..............from Florida          August, 2016
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Oh my goodness. Packaged beautifully with little extra treats. Have placed your shop on my hit list and will share with my craft group. Thank you so much.
Karen..........from Texas            November, 2016
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Well, it’s so easy to be so loyal when you do such amazing projects for all of us!

  just LOVE your creations…I have so many of them on end tables and on backs of chairs, on dressers…..they just make me HAPPY!

Keep creating!!!!  And thank you for being so wonderful!


Jan.............from California                  January, 2017


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Hi Trudy! 

 I received my package today...the presentation was beautiful.  I was also surprised with the can never have to many needles.  I am going to use it today!!


I am very pleased with the fast and very friendly service.  You will definitely hear from me again!!
Heidi........from Ohio                January, 2017
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Dear Trudy
My package came today and it is as pretty as the threads that are in it.  I love your designs. Thank you and happy valentines day!
Connie........from New Hampshire  February, 2017
************  ************
Oh, Trudy,
my package just arrived...I must say, opening a box from you is like getting a special gift...always presented so pretty :)  I am going to start tracing this afternoon...perfect day for hand work, it is windy and cold here...good day to stay in and enjoy myself.  Thanks again so much.
Sharon........from Colorado     February, 2017
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Wow!  How excited I was to receive my package and the presentation was so beautiful!!  Thank you for the quick shipment and with the special way you packaged it.. 
I will certainly be ordering again.
Elizabeth......from New Hampshire      March, 2017

I received my kit and wanted  to tell you that it is almost too beautiful to take apart!  I've sent a picture to several of my stitching friends.  Thank you so much.  I'm looking forward to stitching.
Valerie.......from Idaho       June, 2017

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Hi Trudy,


 I received my box of wool treasures late last week and love everything!  You did a wonderful job of packing.  Thank you for the lovely care you took with my order.  I will be back for more.
Jan........From South Carolina       June, 2014
***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***
The wools arrived today! They are beyond what my expectations were. The packaging was delicate and made me feel like I was truly receiving something special, just for me!
I cannot wait to start my next project with these colors.
I look forward to ordering from you again.
Thank you!!

Karen............from New York        June, 2017


***************.   **************



Good morning Trudy,

 I received my order and it's absolutely beautiful! From the paper to the woolens...I love it! Thank you so much for making it special.

Sandra.........from Oklahoma       September, 2017
************. ***. ***********. ***. ***********

Oh Trudy-
The ‘magical’ box of goodies arrived today.  So lovingly wrapped in tissue and each item tied with ribbon.  What a treat!  I’m just finishing up a quilt and I will start this project.  Thank you for taking your valuable time to choose the items needed!
Heather..........from Washington       October, 2017
**. **. **. **. **. **. **. **

I received your adorable pattern today. It was perfectly packaged. Thank you for the little extras. The little piece of wool will be perfect for the design packages. Can’t wait to start it but have two going already. Appreciate your attention to detail. I’ll visit your shop again. Thanks. 
Linda..........from Oklahoma        October, 2017
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your patterns.  I love that you have a separate sheet for all the pieces and that they are reversed.  This is the gold standard for patterns!
Eileen                 December, 2017
***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***. ***
Hi Trudy,
I received my beautiful package of wool yesterday and I am excited to start my new craft of wool appliqué. I can see that I will be ordering more colors of wool when I finish the two projects I am going to try and tackle!!
Your wool it so beautiful and soft, I love what I received!! The presentation when opening the box is amazing! I can see all the hard work that goes into it all and is appreciated.

Thanks again!

Julie  ................from Washington                      April, 2018
I am yours forever. :)  Never in all the time I have been sewing have I ever received such a charming piece of mail.  I think bunnies, rabbits and hares are the best thing that ever happened to nature.  Can you tell I collect bunnies and rabbits and now I have added the Nutmeg Hare to my collection.  I will be back again and again to get the things I need to create charming things for my children to collect.
Thank you again for the lovely piece of mail and the fantastic pattern.
Julie......................from Texas               October, 2018
*********.  **********. ********. *********


I just received my first order from Nutmeg Hare and, I can guarantee you, it will not be the last.  The wool is absolutely luxurious and the colors so rich.  I can't stop stop looking at them and touching them.  I especially like the yard of black that I ordered.  Most of the time I find yardage to be thin.  This will be perfect for my applique.
Thank you so much!
Barbara.........from New York         November, 2018

This is the best detailed pattern I have ever seen! All pattern pieces are correct size. Very detailed instructions that explain everything, down to the color of thread to use! Explains type of stitching knots and how to make them. Extremely attractive pattern and instructions too. Each pattern piece is even labeled with what color it should be, ON the pattern piece, not beside it like so many others. Even has the pattern for the writing on the bottom of the runner. Every pattern I have purchased lately never includes this which is so irritating! Very user friendly!
Love, Love, love it!!!

Lucy's shop ...........from Pennsylvania.    January, 2019

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