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At Nutmeg Hare, it is always so nice to hear from my stitching friends.
  Here are some of the very thoughtful notes that I have received...
Thank you to all of you for letting me share my love of wool and stitchery!

Dear Trudy,
It's here - it's here - it's here!!!! I don't think that I have the heart to un-bundle it (yet)! Over the years I've ordered a lot of stuff online and I really can't remember the last time that I received an order that was packaged so beautifully. More often than not, my purchases look like they've just been dumped in a box or bag - I so appreciate the time and care that was taken to put my order together. And my goodness - a handwritten note! So kind :) Usually I just get a receipt with someone's initials scrawled on it. And even though I purchased this kit, I feel like I received a gift. Thank you Trudy - I wish it was possible to email a hug!!!
 Many, many thanks!!
Pam... from Illinois    Oct., 2011


Oh My!
I just got the wool and I love, love, love it.  I just had to order more. Plus the kit.  Thanks so much for all your hard work.  I cannot wait to start this project!
Deanna...from California  Feb. 2011


Hi Trudy,
Just wanted to let you know that my beautiful wool arrived really is gorgeous and it is so soft!  Can't wait to start my next project....thanks again.
Denise...from California  July 2011


Hi Trudy,
Sorry I couldn't respond quicker to your e-mails...  I promised myself I would not buy anymore until I'm finished with all of my current kits, I'm afraid I can not keep my promise.... Of course this is your fault as I LOVE your things... they are sooo sweet and creative! Thanks for all the detail (tell your husband it's what makes them so special)... lol!
Gail...from Illinois  March 2011


I have to thank you for another beautiful design.  I too am a lover of everything done by hand.  I've been able to combine my love of embroidery and quilting and now embroidery and applique.  It doesn't get any better than that. Keep up the great work, I look forward to every new design.
Judy...from Wisconsin   Nov. 2011


Thank you Trudy.  How nice to receive a personal note. 
The patterns I ordered are so wonderful.  Especially "Will you be my friend".  That one touched my heart!
I have many of your patterns and only hope to live long enough to make them all!
Please keep up the good work.
Blessings, Karen.....from Texas    Nov. 2011


I loved all of the wools in my first order and want ALL of the others,
 but can only do a little at a time. I haven't tried the thread yet but
hope to have some time next week to sew. I have the pieces cut out for
the "Will You Be My Friend". The patterns are so adorable. Also, the
wools are so cute how you have them packaged, they are so much fun to
open. Thanks again and I love EVERYTHING!!

Norma...from Michigan Jan. 2012

I got my package today!!!  What a treat!!!!! I never imagined I would receive it sooooo quickly. You did the cutest package ever. It really was like getting a Christmas present. I can not thank you enough! I do have one question..what kind of needles did you put in my kit. There are two of them. I would like to order some just in case I lose that one. Thank you so much for all you did! 

Lyn...from California       January, 2012


  Hello Trudy,
 I received the kit that I ordered from you and all I can say is WOW its amazing!!!! The presentation was beautiful and the thoughtful preparation { the buttons , everything labeled, the needles threaded, everything wrapped !} Well what can I say I was thrilled. I purchased this kit for a friend and I can't wait to give it to her. The kit was so well done that I think I will ask my friend to show me how to  do it since I have never worked with wool appliqué.  I think it was my lucky day to see your pattern at the quilt show [ it was Road to California ] and I can't thank  you enough for all the sweet things you did to make this such an appealing presentation.  Thank you again.

Sharon ....from California     January, 2012

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I just wanted to tell you that I received the kit of wool fabrics for the "Will you be my Friend?" table runner.  The fabrics are beautiful and I was so impressed with your organization of the fabrics with the addition of all the buttons.  So cute!

Carol...from Florida      January, 2012

  ***    ******************    ***

Hi Trudy,

I have been meaning to e-mail you for awhile now and am just getting around to it. I was so pleased with the kits that you sent. You really put a lot of care and attention into packing them up. They were just perfect. I was surprised that it only took about a week for them to arrive in the mail. Since it was Christmas time I thought it would take much longer. I am having a lot of fun working on them.

Krista......from NB, Canada     Feb., 2012


I received my order yesterday, and I wanted to thank

 you for your nice note! Not only in the package but in
the email, as well. Very sweet of you. It is obvious you

 have a passion for what you do.... your packaging is

 wonderful - the extras were a nice surprise as well.

Thank you again.

Judy.....from Washington    April, 2012


I received the package today and what a pleasant

 surprise, everything was nicely wrapped and with little

ribbons and such it is clear you put a lot of love into your

craft.  This will be my first venture into wool stitching (I

have done other forms of needlework of years), but I

saw the pattern for the Will you be my friend? on craft

gossip and I fell in love with it and had to order it and

once I went to your site I "had" to order more as well. 

Love the patterns, keep up the amazing work!

Renee........from Minnesota         April, 2012



Just wanted to thank you for the lovely way
you packaged my order. It made me feel like it
was my birthday when it was not; so nice to

 get to unwrap something instead of removing

stuffed in packing materials. It makes a

customer feel "special" because you took the

extra time to make them feel that way. I am

eager to get started on this project so will let

you know how it goes. Again, thanks so very

much for the extra time you took to make me

feel special.

Carol.......from Indiana      April, 2012


Dear Trudy,

I thought I should let you know that my parcel

 arrived yesterday and I am absolutely

delighted with it, You have gone to so much

trouble with your packaging. I have left it in

the box and ribbons to show others how

lovingly it was packed. The post was really

quick as I live 

on a small island nearer to France than

England.  So once again many thanks for the

parcel.  Best wishes.


Pat ........from United Kingdom   May, 2012


Many thanks, Trudy, for your

excellent customer service and

 beautiful woolen fabric.  I have

a couple of little projects to finish

after which I am looking forward

to diving into my wool project.
Kind regards.   

Chris.....from Australia  May, 2012


I just got my pattern in today's mail and

 can't wait to get started! Your designs are

 so wonderful.  I don't know why I was so

 surprised at the lovely packaging!  Keep up

 the great work...I'll be back again and


Mary from Michigan......   June, 2012

*************   *******   **************


 I just received my patterns in the mail. That

was so quick. I love everything about them.

Your personalized note was so sweet.

Thank you so much.  I can't wait to get

started and I'm glad I found you.

Thanks so much!

Anita...........from Virginia         June, 2012


Hi Trudy,

 I just received the patterns you sent.  What a

treat!  You put as much thought and love into

 the packaging as you do the beautiful

 patterns.  They arrived on an especially

 challenging day and when I opened the

 package it had the same effect as sitting in the

garden with a nice cup of tea (or glass of wine).

  I can hardly wait to get started - I just can't

 decide which one to do first.

 Thank you so much.

Marcia........from Oregon      June, 2012

************    ******    ***********

Hello Trudy,
I received my delicious package today, and

 have never been more impressed with a

 presentation! The soft tissue paper, gorgeous

 wools with a vintage button attached (I’m a

 button freak, as well), and a needle, not to

 mention the handwritten note. My sweet Mail

 Lady was in love with your return address

 label with the sweet Nutmeg Hare on it- I told

 her what was inside , and lo and behold, her

 sister does wool applique! I gave her your

 website, and you may have another NH friend

 soon! As for me, I am putting together another

 order already. You can never have too much

 wool, and I want all of yours! 

Thanks again, and you will see my next order soon!

Melanie.......From New Hampshire  July, 2012


Oh mylanta!!! I love my kit...everything came

packaged so beautifully. I love the way the wool is

 labeled...Since I could not wait to work on my new

 project I called in sick to work!!! I already know the

next kit I will be ordering.

Mary.............from Minnesota       July, 2012

******************     *****   *******************


 I received my "Christmas in August" package two

 days ago and I wanted to express my happiness at

 the presentation of your package ! WOW--you are

 one classy lady and your products show it.  I finally

 took the wool out of the box today and stored them

 with my "stash'. I wanted to keep reopening the box

looking in wonder at these beautiful items.

Thank you!

Marcia........From North Carolina   August, 2012


Hi Trudy,

I am absolutely beside myself...your kit just arrived

and I have to say I have never seen anything so

 attractively put together in all my about

 quilters candy!!!  You did an amazing job and your

 little note is up on the bulletin board of my sewing

 room.  Thank you so much...can't wait to show all my

 quilting buddies :o)

Carol............From Ontario, Canada   August, 2012

********   **************   ********


The Fed Ex man just brought your box and I am so thrilled! I

tried not to get any drool on the wool as I pulled each bundle

from the box.  I didn't realize I had such good taste (of course,

you deserve credit for dyeing such beautiful wool). All the

bundles and fabric and thread and buttons are laid out on the

floor in a large semi circle around my chair where I stitch so I

can just gaze at it.  I plan to leave it there until tomorrow

afternoon to get the full effect,  but then my grandson will be

coming for a sleepover and it just wouldn't do to have him

playing soccer across my wool...

Thank you again for your kindnesses,

Jill......... .From Florida        September, 2012


Oh my goodness- what a beautiful package arrived at my door this morning. Thank you so much. I always say presentation is so important- well you have it. I will enjoy this wool, as I am making a santa quilt. The reds are beautiful. Thanks again and have a good day.

Pat...........From British Columbia, Canada    Sept. 2012

*********      **********     *********

Hi, Trudy,

Received my order yesterday . I am so thrilled with

 the wool.  I can't stop feeling it!  Love the Valdani

 too.  I am about to frame my " A Great Power " I will

 send you a picture when it is done.  I am having so

 much fun!

Thank you.

Jane ............From California        October, 2012



 My package arrived yesterday quickly, too! and I am

 THRILLED with its contents.  Your wool is scrumptious - I

 love the shade you call "Olde New Hampshire."  Like others

have commented, your special care and time taken to wrap

 the supplies and the overall presentation of your products is

 certainly appreciated. I will be submitting another order very

 soon.  Thanks ever so much!

Kathy.........from New York           January, 2013

********   ********  ******  *********

I just received my wool today.  It is beautiful.  Can't

 wait to start my table runner.  I am making "Will you

 be my Friend ".   I love your designs.

Sharon............from California     February, 2013


Hi Trudy,
I received my package yesterday.  Such a nice

package to open!  I love how you send the gorgeous

 wool tied together with the button along with the

 needle.   And a great big thanks for the extra little

 perks.  I'm really looking forward to doing this

 project.  Thanks so much for the excellent service.

  I'll be back!

Kathy ...........from California      April, 2013

*****   *******   *****   ******

Good morning Trudy,

I wanted to let you know that my package arrived Friday while I was out and it was waiting on me when I arrived this morning!  Loved it all!!  So nicely packaged and love the little extras (buttons and needle!!).  What a great way to send things!  I’m sure you will be hearing more from me!

Thanks again!

Pam.........From Arkanasas               April, 2013


I received the order last week and it's lovely. I'm

 finishing up another project but look forward to

 playing with the new colors.Thank you for your note

 and for the extra gift!

Dena...........From New Mexico          April, 2013

*******    ********    ********     *******

 Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

My mom LOVED her gift! the first thing she said

was, " It was bundled so beautifully!"

Exactly what I wanted her to experience.
Beautiful wool presented to her with loving care!

It was wonderful of you to take the time to help me

 show my mom she is loved!

You were a blessing!

Rebecca.........From Alabama          May, 2013

**** **** **** **** **** **** ***


You are sooo sweet!!!! Just received my woolens and

they are beautiful to say the least. I just don't want

 to cut into them!!

Now I want to order all of your products!!

And will continue to buy more.

Irene..............From Alberta, Canada    June, 2013

********     *******    ********


Received package today and thank you for your sweet

note and the needle was a plus.
 You certainly go the extra mile for your customers .

So glad I found your website.

Joyce................from Texas                 July, 2013


Dear Trudy,

My package arrived today! What a beautiful stitchery kit! It really put a smile on my face to open the package and see the Happy Birthday paper inside. Thank you also for the nice note on the needle card~and the needle, too.  The way your kits are packaged is lovely~I love the buttons holding the wool together. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you!
Many thanks!

Lynda...........From Arizona     August, 2013

*********   *********   ********   ********

Oh my!  I don't know how to express my sheer

 delight at the thrill of opening of this box.  Your

 presentation is beyond compare.  Your wools are

 BEAUTIFUL!  The extra "goodies" put a grin on my

face.  I am sure I looked like the Cheshire Cat.

I can hardly wait to order again just for the pleasure

of seeing what awaits me.

But alas, where to start?  I have been handling and

 feeling, reading directions and I think I have

decided on "He's A Jolly Olde Soul."

Being that I have no where to shop for supplies,

 never mind I would never find such beautiful supplies.


Thank you thank you,

Katie............from Texas             September, 2013

**********   ****   ****  **********

I arrived home from work tonight to find my package waiting for me. Did you hear the oohing and ahhing all the way across the country?   I will definitely be ordering again and am going to share your information with my cross stitching friends as many of the pieces use wool for finishing.  My next order will include some appliqué projects too because they are too cute!
I loved the quick shipping .
Thanks "sew" much for a great product and great service!

Susan................from Georgia         October, 2013

***************  ***   ***************

Hi Trudy,

I received the kit today and I am very impressed

with the beautiful soft wools

and neat wrapping and packaging.  Thank you.  It is so

nice to know that there

is still high quality items out there, somewhere, you

just have to search for them  :)

Again, thanks and have a good weekend!

Nancee.............From California      October, 2013

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi. Trudy

I just got the treasure box!  It's soooo beautiful. I love everything.
I 'm going to make a penny rug, but it's hard to separate and cut out ,because these are too beautiful.
 So I'll put them on the table, touch them and feel happy and relaxed for a while.
Buttons are cute too. I'll use them.
 Thank you very much for everything.
Your message is warm as wool.

Junko..........from California       November, 2013

**  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **

I received your kit!  Thank you, thank you!
Excellent job on packaging!

Candy..........from Minnesota        January, 2014

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **  


I loved, loved, loved my package of wool from you.
  And now I’m supposed to cut it up?  Seriously?  It’s all just beautiful, AND absolutely perfect colors.  Thank you for such a wonderful ‘gift’!

 Today, I posted the image from your website and your web address on my Facebook page to share your love with others.  We’ll see if we can get you some more orders from Kansas!

 Thank you, again, so very much!

Gayle.........from Kansas         January, 2014

** ** ** **   ******  ** ** ** **

Hi Trudy!

I received my order today- I love the patterns &

 what a FUN package to open . I can't wait to start

 my new projects! I am so glad to have found your site!

Many thanks!!!

Tami..........from Ohio           January, 2014

*****   *****   *****  *****


I really enjoy your patterns. They are designed with such sweet
detail that I spend a lot of time just looking over the pattern in
appreciation. Thank you for your art! That they are wool is even

Have a blessed and creative day!

Kimberly..........from California        February, 2014

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hi Trudy,

My mom received our order today and we were blown away with how gorgeous this kit is, not to mention the packaging.  It's so nice to see such care and love put into a shipment.  Was a nice surprise and we were so pleased to receive it. 

  We can't wait to get started. 

Kari.......From Nebraska       February, 2014

**** ****  ****  ****  ****

Dear Trudy,

Thank you so much for my package, received Friday.  I just

love the way you put it all together, with the labels, ribbons,

buttons, . . . just SO pretty!  I plan to make this for friends of

ours who are celebrating their Silver Wedding in March, they

love bunnies (as I do!) 

Best Wishes!

Jen..........from United Kingdom       February, 2014


Hi Trudy,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the personalized service you gave me! I can't wait to try some of those crazy quilt stitches - maybe this will finally get me going!
And the packaging!!!  I have never received such a beautifully wrapped package! You obviously love what you do and put a lot of thought and effort into it. I'm sure all of your customers really appreciate it.
Thank you and I hope you have a great day!

Donna..........from California     February, 2014


I got my order Saturday. I could not believe how quickly it came. It was so beautifully packaged. You sure out do yourself. I loved the note. I will surely order again from you.

Linda.........from Tennessee          March, 2014

***  ****  ****  ****  ****  **** ***

I received the wools a few days ago and are they ever
beautiful!! Thank you so much!!  I’ll be ordering more!

Franci........From Texas      March, 2014

*************     *************

 Hi Trudy,
Wow, just beautiful and I love the black

houndstooth. My mothers day gift to me, because

 your orders are wrapped tenderly, like a gift! Thank

 you, I will be back.

Donna..........from Virginia        May, 2014

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hello Trudy, 
Just wanted to let you know I got my wool yesterday, and it is absolutely beautiful. I was telling my Mom it is prettier in person then it is online....,I would also like to thank you for the needle and the care in which you packed my wool it was above and beyond.

Tammie...... From Florida        September, 2014

**********  ** *******  **  *********  **  ********

Hi Trudy,

My order of woolen fabric arrived yesterday.  I am so so happy with it.  The pieces are totally yummy, totally gorgeous colours and super soft wool....

Thank you so much.

Karen............from Ontario, Canada         October, 2014

********  *********  ********  *********

Thank you! The order arrived today, much sooner then I expected it!  Your packaging is so cute with everything tied up with ribbon, I'll be ordering again just to enjoy opening the package! Thank you much!

Catherine............From Iowa          December, 2014

****  ****    ****  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****  ****

Dear Trudy,
The order arrived right now. I want to thank you for the
gift you enclosed, and the pretty packaging! A joy to handle this wool.
 Thank you so much.

Silvia................From Italy (Europe)       January, 2015

**************    *******       *******    **************

Got my package this morning. Love, Love it all!!!  Beautiful! !!

Linda...........from West Virginia            February, 2015

****   ****   ****   ****   ****   ****


Received my package and have to tell you it was even more fun unpacking it

because it had been packed so nicely and with such care.  Thank you.  I am

always excited to find a new shop that I can use for supplies, kits and ideas.

You will definitely  see more orders from me.

Barb.................From Wisconsin       February, 2015

*****************    ****************

Hi Trudy,
I got my package today and it was wrapped so

precious I didn't want to take it all apart (but I did then put it

back together ). It's the personal touch and care that makes it

worth it to me to shop the special shops like yours ! I LOVE

the Cosmo two strand floss and can't wait to use it on the

cross stitch quilt top kit.Your business card with the needle an

thread in wool is just the cherry on top. I took a picture of

everything in my sewing box and sent it to my sewing friends ,

now I'm going to post it on facebook. Even the pattern tissue it

was wrapped in will come in handy for paper piecing.  Thank

You for the great product and care you put into selling it.

Sewing is something I do with love. Knowing what I'm sewing

with what was sent with such care makes it even more


Janice........from Indiana               February, 2015

****************   *****   **************

Thank you Trudy for the wonderful package. Not only were the items so

incredible, but the wrapping was fantastic and the delivery was fast.  Your

patterns are so detailed and I love that you number the pieces and show a large

layout of the project. Thank you so much. I look forward to being able to purchase

from you again real soon.

Jennifer......from North Carolina          March, 2015

*****  *****  *****  *****  *****

Hi Trudy,
Such great service. The pattern arrived today.  A friend bought the pattern

at Sew Expo and I loved it so much I had to have one too. We will work on

them together.  I love working with a needle also especially on wool.
Loved the packaging – so fun!!!

Karen.........from Washington         March, 2015

** ** ** ** ** ** **

Hi Trudy,

My package of wool and threads arrived today!  First off, I was so surprised it came so fast.  And then when I opened the box… it was like Christmas… just wonderful!  I can’t wait to get started.  Your nice email and notes, shipping and products are just outstanding.  Thanks so much, I will definitely be back to shop with you.  And I’ll pass along your information to my fellow stitching friends.

I’m now off to finish my project with the wool I purchased with you.  And then of course, choose a new project (or two)!

Thanks again!
Ruth......from Maine               March, 2015

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